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Traditional Napa cabbage Kimchi- Non Vegan 450g

Traditional Napa cabbage Kimchi- Non Vegan 450g

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This kimchi is the original type of Korean Kimchi and is what most people think of when they hear about kimchi. We put different types of fermented fish into Kimchi depends on where you live in Korea. I saw my father put whole fish he caught into Kimchi before Winter and eat it through all Winter. 

For our Kimchi, we used fermented baby shrimp. 

Our kimchi has crunchy Chinese Cabbage and Daikon (White Radish), with a good level of spice from the chilli powder. We ferment our kimchi for few weeks in a cool room depends on the weather till it reach to certain PH degree where bad bacteria cannot be active.  

Unlike kimchi imported from Korea which is sterilised and full of preservatives, our kimchi is alive with beneficial bacteria and will continue to ferment.

Size: Only 450g jar available at this moment, and different size of jars will be added if there are a lot of demand for this Kimchi. 

Ingredients: Chinese cabbage (49%), Daikon (30%), Onion, Chives, Garlic, Ginger, Chilli Powder, Fermented baby shrimp, Chilli flake, Himalayan salt, raw sugar, Apple, vegetable stock (shiitake mushroom, kelp and water), Sweet rice flour.


Shelf life: Our best before date is 6 months after being produced. Kimchi slowly becomes more sour as it ages, we recommend you cook the kimchi if if you find it too sour.


How to use: Kimchi can brighten up any meal that is in need of an extra dose of flavour. Great in fried rice, on burgers, and in your 2 minute noodles! This kimchi is a good pairing with oily food or sweet potatoes. My favorite pairing is with scrambled egg or on a cheese toastie. Plus of course you can use as a basis for many classic Korean dishes like kimchi stew or kimchi pancake. The possibilities are endless. 



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