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About us

My name is Hyon Ju Yun, or Ginger. 

I worked as a chef in Australia and now NZ for over 10 years. However the long hours, stress and tough work environment took their toll on me. 

I started Ginger's Pantry so I could make an independent income while still making great heathy food that people love.

Ginger's Pantry specialises in making traditional homestyle fermented foods, especially those from my home country of Korea.

I love fermented foods not just because of their amazing taste, but also because they are found to be increasingly important for their range of health benefits. 

I look forward to sharing my story and talking about food with you at one of the our Auckland markets or on social media.

About Ginger’s pantry

I started my small business selling Kimchi and Sauerkraut at farmers market in Brisbane while working part time as a chef.

My fellow stallholders in Brisbane helped my come up the name 'Gingers Pantry' for my business.

I will be making products which you will want to have in your pantry all the time to help you create delicious and healthy meals. I focus on fermented foods, but also will add some yummy condiments in the future.

We make different styles of Kimchi using different available ingredients according to season, ferment them without culture (wild fermentation) for several weeks depending upon season and temperature. As well as using the traditional Chinese cabbage to make Kimchi, I will also be making Kimchi using available seasonal vegetables. 

We source most of our ingredients from New Zealand, keeping it as local as possible to reduce the footprint on our planet, while helping other local businesses like farmers and retailers.

Even though it takes a lot of time and effort to make hand crafted wild fermented vegetables, but we want to supply a product using natural and traditional processes, as that gives you the best tasting product, and creates the best food for your body.

More interesting fermented food product will be added gradually, so keep on eye on our social media page.


About Ginger

I was having an ordinary life working 9 to 5 office jobs in Korea, however I dreamed of doing something more. In 2009 I had finally had enough, and took a the big plunge moving to Melbourne to pursue my dream of becoming a professional chef.

I studied at a cooking school in Melbourne for 2 years and for 10 years I worked all over Australia in a wide range of different kitchens, and in an array of amazing places including Uluru and Heron Island. 

While I loved cooking, the kitchen environment is very tough, especially for women. I decided I would be much happier opening my own small business, sharing some of the lovely food I grew up eating and helping my mum make in Korea. My mum is a kimchi making expect and my parents ran a restaurant known for their great kimchi, so kimchi making is in my blood!

I first sold Kimchi at Farmer's Markets in Brisbane for 2 years and then moved to Auckland in June 2021 to be with my partner. I was accepted into the Auckland Council Kitchen Project to help set up my business, though lockdowns put my business plans and hold.

I am excited to be finally launching my business here in New Zealand, and sharing my love of food with you.